Халва [CPS] RU

The Modern Veterinary Clinic aspires to be the leading veterinary service provider in the UAE. We strive to deliver innovative, multi-specialty and compassionate pet health-care conveniently located across the U.A.E.

  • We shall educate our clients so as to become dependable and well informed pet owners.
  • We shall care for and create a lasting bond with our patients.
  • We shall treat our team, our patients and clients with unconditional respect and compassion
  • We shall promote honesty and integrity across-the-board.
  • We shall practice an exceptional standard of veterinary care.

It is our mission to provide and maintain an exceptional standard of innovative, multi-specialty veterinary care while imparting knowledge to pet owners to strengthen and develop the human-pet bond. For the last 25 years, we have provided the highest care for your pets in pet grooming dubai. We are the first to bring family healthcare to your pet and we believe every animal is part of our extended family.

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